ETPACK SPRINTER is an approved training center (french authorization n° 53290271329) Our technicians can go on site to train your production and service technicians on ETPACK SPRINTER products, as i t is important that people from production and technical dpts. know how to use our... Lire la suite


If you want to add a new size to your ETPACK SPRINTER machine, or to a machine from another brand, we design with you the most adapted technical and economical solution. We define together a bill of specifications and each tooling is tested after mounting within the workshop with your... Lire la suite

Spare parts

ETPACK SPRINTER machines are designed with a maximum of standard components supplied by the best manufacturers. Spare parts kits are available for each machine. As we are aware that machines' productivity is a key point for your production, that is to say not waiting time, we have the spare... Lire la suite


We are skilled at overhauling old machines, as well as modifying them if you need to. For example, you are using a new size of box, or you have a second-hand machine. This overhauling is made to the very best standards and main components are controlled and changed if necessary.... Lire la suite

Customer Support

Emballage Technologies has a dedicated service dpt. for each range of machines, with a fast response-time. We are organized to answer you quickly, whether it is by phone or on site. Our service dpt. is optimized to answer your request as soon as possible through dedicated people... Lire la suite

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